As we have written in the TOPDOG description we want one awesome, storytelling picture. From all the Chapters, this is the hardest to accomplish. It depends of a lot of uncontrollable factors, from weather to moment and position of the subject. When the subject is a team of a beautiful lady an a little dog with a great coat, the job is harder. A storytelling picture is a picture full of life and this means, almost always, a picture in motion. Still, a dog with a long, silky coat, almost always looks funny in motion. But a picture of a Champion must show him majestic, not funny.

These photos were shot at CAC Suceava, where JINX SEZ brand had his first interaction with the public. We decided to offer a prize to the winner: a professional photo session but the winner Piccolo Tibet Altruist and his owner Milena Jovanovici coudn’t stay after the show.  So, until our next meeting, we decided to offer a TOPDOG Chapter to the awesome Shih Tzu, as a memento of the day when he managed to win Supreme Best in Show.

So we looked through our CATCHYOU pictures (random photos shot during the show) to see if we can build a story. Remember that WE DID NOT SHOOT for a TOPDOG Chapter, as we do when this photo session is scheduled, because we had no idea who would win the Show.

And, through the folder with souvenirs from CAC Suceava, we found these pictures:

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